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NetAcquire Security Package Supports NIST, DISA, and CMMC Compliance

NetAcquire is pleased to announce the availability of the NetAcquire Security Package. The NetAcquire Security Package is a set of features, functions, and documentation that supports operation of NetAcquire Servers and MissionView client applications in secure environments.

We understand that navigating multiple overlapping security compliance regimes can be complicated. NetAcquire systems are designed for operation in complex secure environments.
The NetAcquire Security Package has these benefits:

  • Supports DISA/DFARS, NIST 800-170 and CMMC compliance
    • STIGs at both OS and application level
    • Checklist help for self-assessment of compliance with NIST/CMMC controls
  • Features turnkey delivery to minimize user/IT overhead
    • NetAcquire systems and updates are delivered as turnkey packages with integrated OS, application, a
Release Notes

NetAcquire Now Offers Product Release Notes

NetAcquire is pleased to announce the addition of Release Notes to our corporate page. Access to Release Notes can be found under the Support menu. Customers using their login will also find issue fixes and security bulletins in these notes.

NetAcquire is constantly striving to help you get the most out of your NetAcquire system; providing Release Notes is another way we are working to support you.

NetAcquire Corporation Announces Virtual Server (NVS) Makes Working From Home A Little Easier

If you are working from home and do not have convenient remote access to your NetAcquire servers, but still need to continue your work with NetAcquire software functions and features, we have the solution for you! Now, with NetAcquire Virtual Server (NVS) software and your Windows or Linux PC, you can run a virtualized environment that includes the NetAcquire server software and NetAcquire Deterministic Linux™ (NDL™).

With NVS, you can experience soft real-time operation that includes the full server functionality of NetAcquire Server software including:

  • Data Flow Engine
    • Access the full power of the NetAcquire Data Flow Engine, with dozens of built-in telemetry-centric processing functions, including full decommutation and frame synchronization capabilities
  • Recorder/Player
    • Work with recor
NetAcquire News

Customer Update on Coronavirus COVID-19

Friends of NetAcquire,

Here at NetAcquire, we’re doing everything in our power to be responsible corporate citizens. We can assure you that we are taking every precaution to both protect the health of our staff, and to ensure business continuity during this unprecedented era of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In an effort to address this evolving situation, we are taking several steps to preserve the health and safety of our staff members. We are having frequent discussions on control of the situation within NetAcquire, including prevention measures and precautions. We have ramped up office cleaning to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces regularly. Many of our staff members are working from home and anyone who is sick is being directed to stay home. All of our internal meeting

Mark Roseberry will be teaching two short courses on Telemetry over IP

Mark Roseberry will be teaching two short courses on Telemetry over IP at this year’s ITC (International Telemetering Conference). The conference will be October 21-24th in Las Vegas, at Bally’s Hotel and Convention Center.

The full day course will be Monday, October 21st. This course covers current approaches and capabilities for transporting PCM telemetry over an IP network (TMoIP), including discussion of the benefits and limitations of this technology. An introduction and review of essential network and PCM telemetry topics including the OSI network model, practical implementation considerations and topologies, and associated TMoIP PCM formats and network protocols is included.

The three key RCC IRIG standards for TMoIP are described: IRIG 218 and IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP, and iNET. Interactive and scripted setup, configuration, status, and dia


NetAcquire Corporation Announces New Real-Time Media Transcoder Option

Now with the Media Transcoder Option you can configure a NetAcquire server for real-time streaming video processing, archiving, and distribution.

The NetAcquire Media Transcoder Option allows a NetAcquire server to process incoming still images and motion video. This option supports transcoding (decoding and re-encoding) images and video to different formats.

Media transcoding leverages the data processing capabilities of the Data Flow Engine and is seamlessly integrated with other Data Flow Engine components, including the decommutator and CCSDS demultiplexer. In fact, transcoding can be added to any data flow instance using the Media Transcoder component.

Video output can then be viewed simultaneously by multiple video clients using MissionView™ application software, a web browser or standal

Mission Map

NetAcquire Corporation Announces New Key Features in versions 1.3 and 1.4 MissionView

MissionView offers more with powerful and advanced real-time graphical display and control applications.

NetAcquire Corporation announced today that MissionView 1.3 and 1.4 have added valuable new features to MissionView. Some of these new features are:

  1. Real-time geographic map displays now include vehicle/target flight and ground tracks.
  2.  New powerful configuration and commanding of NetAcquire server operation is available from MissionView widgets.
  3. Auto server discovery lets you automatically discover live servers through discovery announcements.
  4. Quasonix RDMS receiver monitoring and control works seamlessly with the MissionView interface.

Fore more info go to:

NetAcquire Announces Mission Critical TMOIP Over Impossible Networks

NetAcquire® Corporation announced today that it has extended the capabilities of their lineup of market leading real-time mission-critical TMoIP systems. This is now possible with the addition of advanced support for communication over “impossible” networks, those where guaranteed delivery of IP multicast data to multiple nodes in the network, reliable multicast, is a particular challenge.

This new NetAcquire Telemetry over IP capability offers a powerful forward error correction option that can recover lost packets even on very poor networks.

The system has been successfully tested on simulated poor quality networks that randomly dropped as many as one out of every three packets – until now, a truly impossible network condition. A system that can operate without data loss under such extreme conditions is ideal for mission-critical applications that must cope with challengin

universal panel

NetAcquire® Corporation Announces a New Collection of Universal I/O Interface Options

NetAcquire® Corporation announced today a new collection of universal I/O interface options for serial signal connections. These new I/O interfaces offer configurable signal levels and connectors, and enhance NetAcquire’s “connect anything to anything” interface approach. The flexibility to reduce the rack space needed to a bare minimum is now available. Chassis back panels can now be configured to match exact signaling needs, even in 2U form factors.

The TTL-compatible, BNC I/O interface version includes highly optimized signal conditioning with tuned transmission line impedances. Input hysteresis retains signal integrity at edge frequencies in excess of 10 GHz.

Faster system integration is achievable using newly available software-programmable line termination. Each channel can be individually set to quickly match a site’s existing cabling impedance, eliminating the signal integrity problems associated with fixed single value termination typical with some equipment.

Super Computer

NetAcquire® Corporation Announces Super-Computer Telemetry Processing

The future of high-performance network telemetry processing is here

 NetAcquire Corporation announced today that it has extended their lineup of market leading real-time telemetry data processing systems to include a virtualized Super-Computer telemetry data processing system capable of processing in excess of 1 billion decommutated parameters per second in an extremely low-latency deterministic real-time software environment. All the decommutators run in protected, cyber-security hardened virtual operating environments with end-user security, access control and auditing. Telemetry Over IP (TMoIP) applications are now able to handle massive numbers of mission parameters in real-time including full floating point polynomial engineering unit conversion.

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