Digital I/O

NetAcquire DIOTM

The NetAcquire digital input/output interfaces are available in many different configurations to support a wide variety of test and measurement applications.

Available hardware interfaces are:

  • TTL input/output (with optional open collector)
  • Contact closure detect
  • Solid-state relays (to 48 volts, 1 amp)
  • Reed relays (to 1 amp, 30 volts DC)
  • RS-422, RS-530, and RS-485 differential input/outputs
  • High-voltage differential inputs (to 100 volts)
  • Line voltage (110/220 volt) inputs and outputs

Depending on interface type, channel counts up to 1024 channels are supported

The NetAcquire onboard software controls all time-critical aspects of channel sampling when high acquisition rates are selected. Optional data change filtering software can be enabled to report data only when an input change occurs.

All input and output digital I/O settings are configured from a Web browser without programming.

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