NetAcquire systems offer many options for seamlessly interfacing to third-party software products for data visualization and analysis.


For a powerful way to get a data processing and visualization system, couple the IADS (Interactive Analysis and Display System) available from Curtiss-Wright with a NetAcquire system. IADS provides advanced data organization, processing and display capabilities, both in the Mission Control Room (MCR) and at the office desktop.

More information on IADS support


LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment that supports graphical data display and virtual instruments.

More information on LabVIEW support

Satellite Toolkit (STK)

The Satellite Tool Kit (STK) is a sophisticated analytical and graphical environment for aerospace applications. The STK core provides an analytical engine that performs advanced calculations and analysis of satellites and other moving objects. Results can be visualized with a wide variety of 2-D graphical displays, including integrated maps. Additional STK add-on modules support specialized analysis, 3-D visualization, and more.

More information on STK support


NetAcquire Corporation now supports another real-time data display option using DEWESoft software running on a Windows PC.

More information about DEWESoft support

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