About NetAcquire

NetAcquire® is a privately-held company that develops and manufactures advanced, mission-critical communications products for aerospace markets, including satellite, aircraft, radar, and DoD test range markets.

Company History

NetAcquire was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing computer communications and processing systems that seamlessly operate with real-time performance over distributed networks.

From 1996 to 2001, the company emphasized contract engineering services and product research and development. During this time, NetAcquire developed proof-of- concept hardware and software for a range of vertical markets including aerospace, industrial data acquisition/control, and remote monitoring.

Based on customer feedback, marketing analysis and product penetration, it became clear that NetAcquire products were especially well suited for high-performance, mission critical, real-time aerospace applications.

Within the aerospace sector, existing NetAcquire markets are concentrated in the following categories:

  • DoD test range (aircraft/missile) telemetry
  • Satellite telemetry / commanding
  • Radar interfaces
  • Other range instrumentation (i.e., Correlating Source Selector)
  • Spacecraft test equipment (i.e., hardware-in- the-loop, manufacturing verification/validation)
  • Aircraft/sensor interface equipment (flight data processors and PCM/network gateways)
  • Real-time distributed network systems
About NetAcquire

NetAcquire Executives

Mark Roseberry

Mark RoseberryPresident

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John Bono

John BonoEngineering Vice President

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Steve Proudlock

Steve ProudluckSales Vice President

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NetAcquire Products

NetAcquire products allow users to create specialized input/output interfacing and data processing systems in less time with less cost and less risk. Our proprietary technology provides a leading-edge hardware/software solution with dramatically enhanced capabilities and performance.

Network Data Acquisition and Telemetry

With NetAcquire, you can mix-and- match any collection of serial, analog, and digital signals, and publish this data on a network using standard COTS hardware and software.

Real-Time Data Processing

NetAcquire offers sophisticated real-time processing functions for data extraction, recording, and analysis. Data processing graphics can be configured with a large number of predefined building blocks, allowing easy setup without programming. Programmers can extend data processing capabilities when desired.

Data Display

Users can configure advanced real-time data displays to suit mission needs, including tables, graphs, and meters. Our graphical operator configuration, including status and control displays, can be extended as needed.

NetAcquire Engineering Services

NetAcquire Engineering Services offers extensive software and hardware customization, integration, and support services for a wide range of different aerospace applications. We have the personnel, track record and facilities to work on classified engineering projects.

Proven Subcontract Performance

NetAcquire consistently receives recognition from prime contractors for excellence as a subcontractor, including high marks for price, performance, and delivery.

NetAcquire continually meets timely delivery deadlines that are critical to reaching system integration milestones and realizing overall mission success. Our project managers carefully track delivery commitments. Potential problems are identified early using resource tracking spreadsheets and databases in order to ensure responsiveness if delivery dates become tight.

NetAcquire Success Story

Success Story: Weather Satellite Telemetry Stations

During the prime contractor’s procurement process, NetAcquire was almost eliminated from consideration due to NetAcquire’s substantially lower pricing proposal. The concern was that the equipment offered by NetAcquire at this price point must be inadequate. At the end-user’s request, the prime gave the NetAcquire equipment an opportunity to prove its worth. NetAcquire systems for both of two applications successfully passed witnessed Factory Acceptance Testing, not only meeting all the requirements but also exceeding expectations in a number of areas. Since then, NetAcquire has shipped many systems of both types and achieved an across-the- board “Exceptional” ranking in all of the prime contractor’s evaluated categories (Quality and Delivery).

NetAcquire Case Study

Success Story: Avionics Test

In the past 15 years, another Fortune 50 aerospace customer purchased numerous NetAcquire systems for avionics testing. The company’s performance report card continues to be perfect, with 100% rating (excellent) in all categories (overall, quality, and delivery).

“Once again the agility of your team exceeds expectations. You guys are awesome. Please thank everyone for us on behalf of the program.” – Director Level Customer Representative

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