NetAcquire Recording Data Export Tool

Announcing the new NetAcquire Recording Data Export Tool, a powerful Windows program that extracts telemetry data from NetAcquire IRIG 106 Chapter 10 recordings.

It offers:

  • Export of raw payloads from Chapter 10 packets
  • Export of processed payloads from Chapter 10 packets
  • Decommutation of PCM streams, including support for super-commutated, sub-commutated, and fragmented parameters
  • Frame synchronization of Chapter 10 PCM throughput packets
  • Engineering unit conversion
  • Support for additional telemetry formats including format change, Mil-Std-1553 and ARINC-429 messages
  • Select relevant data by specifying export start and end times
NetAcquire News

NetAcquire Server Software Version 8.4

Announcing the release of NetAcquire server software version 8.4 that continues to expand NetAcquire real-time processing capabilities.

New features include:

End-to-end embedded timestamp processing to deliver microsecond-accurate timestamps to data displays

IRIG 106 Chapter 7 demultiplexing and decommutation

Even more Telemetry-over-IP (TMoIP) capabilities including:

  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP time packet support with accurate timestamp communication
  • Selectable filtering in TMoIP Status table for showing relevant connections
  • Convenient enable/disable of BERT with a one-click user checkbox
  • Performance enhancements to support large numbers of simultaneous high-speed TMoIP channels and extremely accurate time/data correlation

Additional decommutator capabilities including support for ARINC-429 and BCD


NetAcquire announces our newest, high-performance Quick Connect Panel (QCP) for serial interfaces!

The new QCP-D2TTL panel offers:

  • Rock-solid, error-free TTL communication at bit rates and over cable lengths that were previously unachievable.
  • Supports over 40 Mbps on all channels simultaneously due to advanced signal integrity modeling and design of sophisticated transmitter/receiver circuitry with Tx pulse shaping and Rx tuned hysteresis.
  • Fully ESD protected I/O, short-circuit protected Tx buffer outputs, and lead-free design.
  • Space-saving 2U (a 50% reduction in vertical rack space) supports 8 bi-directional serial channels plus IRIG time in and out, plus an even higher density 3U panel version that supports 16 channels.
  • Per-channel data and clock receive line termination is now software programmable to quickly match site’s existing cabling.
  • At-a-glance Rx and Tx channel and IRIG in/out status indicators on panel.
  • Hinged design hides rack-internal cabling, while still providing easy access.
MissionView Data Display

NetAcquire announces a new release of MissionView!

The latest version of MissionView has many new features, including:

  • integrated data recording
  • scrolling data table displays
  • favorites capability
  • integrated web pages and help
  • configurable visual dynamics such as color when out-of-range
  • enhanced operation with password-protected servers

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MissionView Data Display - Aircraft Performance

New product announcement: NetAcquire MissionViewTM

NetAcquire MissionView™ provides easy point-and-click configuration, real-time data display, and control for any NetAcquire system.

MissionView Designer lets you quickly create highly-configurable and sophisticated graphic displays that leverage a large predefined library of different real-time charts, meters, gauges, and more.

MissionView Display conveniently connects to any NetAcquire server to display real-time measurement and telemetry data. MissionView supports all the configuration and management functions of a NetAcquire server, including advanced decommutation, real-time processing and derived measurands, engineering unit conversion, and recording/playback.

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NetAcquire Virtual Server Web Interface

New product announcement: NetAcquire Virtual Server (NVS)

NetAcquire Virtual Server (NVS) allows you to run the NetAcquire system software on your own PC!
NetAcquire® Virtual Server gives operators the ability to prototype, develop, and perform data processing and software decommutation from the convenience of a PC desktop. In addition to extensive processing and network I/O capabilities, NVS is a cost-effective solution for teams needing to collaborate and streamline development without contending for hardware resources.

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Python support now available in NetAcquire Windows Client Toolkit

NetAcquire announces Python support now available in Windows Client Toolkit

Python language and scripting support is now available in the NetAcquire Windows Client Toolkit — conveniently configure, control, and acquire data from a NetAcquire system using Python!

NetAcquire News

Additional floating point formats now supported in NetAcquire decommutator/commutator

Mil-Std-1750 and two DEC floating point formats (mixed-endian and normal endian).

NetAcquire News

Preston Hauck will be teaching a new short course on Telemetry over IP

Preston Hauck will be teaching a new short course on Telemetry over IP at this year’s ITC (International Telemetering Conference) on Nov 7th.

This course begins by introducing the capability of transporting PCM telemetry over an IP network (TMoIP), including discussion of the benefits and limitations of this technology. Essential network topics are covered including the OSI network model and associated TMoIP network protocols.

The two key RCC IRIG standards for TMoIP are described: IRIG 218 and IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP. Interactive and scripted setup, configuration, status, and diagnostics approaches are presented. Advanced topics include minimizing latency, handling poor-quality WAN networks, inter-vendor interoperability, one-to-many and mesh networks, configurable quality-of-service, time/data correlation, future-proofing, and security.

NetAcquire News

NetAcquire Announces Data Flow Engine (DFE) now includes IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Decoder component

NetAcquire announces Data Flow Engine (DFE) now includes IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Decoder component that processes Chapter 10 traffic received over UDP. This complements IRIG 106 Chapter 10 network output capability already available in NetAcquire TMoIP products.

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