High Reliability

High Reliability

For the ultimate in mission-critical reliability, click here.

NetAcquire systems provide extended operating life with:

  • ruggedized components
  • high-MTBF architecture
  • optional redundant power supplies, fans, disk drives, and network cards
  • self-testing hardware
  • watch-dog timer for auto-recovery
  • automatic diagnostics alerts by Web or SNMP.

Software Reliability

Software reliability is as important as hardware reliability in mission-critical systems. The NetAcquire software architecture consists of certified NetAcquire software modules running in a pre-configured and controlled operating configuration. The NetAcquire kernel maintains control of software module behavior, including memory usage, CPU usage, and unexpected application events.

Optional Redundancy

Redundancy is available at both the hardware level (i.e., disk drive RAID) and the system level (clustering support). Clustering allows two NetAcquire systems to perform identical input/output functions and data processing. Fault management software maintains communication with both NetAcquire systems and handles transparent data switch-over if a failure occurs. Proprietary cross-strapping technology allows controllable switching of both input signals and output control signals from master to slave.

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