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NetAcquire Announces Mission Critical TMOIP Over Impossible Networks

NetAcquire® Corporation announced today that it has extended the capabilities of their lineup of market leading real-time mission-critical TMoIP systems. This is now possible with the addition of advanced support for communication over “impossible” networks, those where guaranteed delivery of IP multicast data to multiple nodes in the network, reliable multicast, is a particular challenge.

This new NetAcquire Telemetry over IP capability offers a powerful forward error correction option that can recover lost packets even on very poor networks.

The system has been successfully tested on simulated poor quality networks that randomly dropped as many as one out of every three packets – until now, a truly impossible network condition. A system that can operate without data loss under such extreme conditions is ideal for mission-critical applications that must cope with challenging network environments.

In addition to this new reliable multicast capability, NetAcquire Intelligent Telemetry over IP systems continue to offer industry-leading advanced features combined with ease of use and unparalleled reliability for data distribution over complex, error-prone networks.

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