Telemetry Decommutation

Many NetAcquire serial, analog, or digital data acquisition interfaces generate streams of input data. The term “telemetry” refers to a stream of measurement data that is transmitted from a remote source.

The NetAcquire telemetry decommutation system extracts individual measurement values from input data based on a user-specified input data format.

The decommutation process produces data in a directly usable representation for data display, processing, and analysis. Decommutation can optionally convert raw incoming integer measurement values into preferred “engineering units” for easier interpretation.

More Flexibility and Power

The NetAcquire decommutation system offers much greater flexibility and power than traditional decommutation approaches in the following ways:

Decommutation is an integrated component of the NetAcquire Data Flow option. NetAcquire Data Flow offers almost unlimited options for the processing and distribution of decommutation results.

Telemetry data can arrive in a network format (e.g., telemetry-over-IP) and can still be decommutated. Many other input formats, including Mil-Std-1553, are also supported.

Decommutated parameters can be easily published to the network and many user-configurable network formats. A particularly convenient network format is NetAcquire publish/subscribe. The one-step publishing operation allows easy data display and data recording from many PC software packages including NetAcquire MissionView™.

NetAcquire telemetry decommutation handles a wide range of telemetry formats, including full IRIG 106 capability. Selectable features include:

  • Measurement naming
  • Subcommutation and supercommutation
  • Byte or common word offset
  • Integer and floating point representations (IEEE 754 and other formats)
  • Signed/unsigned representation
  • Reversed bits
  • Unaligned start and end bit offsets
  • Engineering units conversion
  • Engineering units naming
  • Data compression
  • Embedded and asynchronous frames (arbitrary levels of nesting)
  • CCSDS support

Once decommutated, measurement values are easily displayed and processed with the NetAcquire Java Toolkit or the NetAcquire Windows Toolkit.

Integrated parameter processing supports the computation of derived parameters, mathematical functions, timestamping, CRC checks, statistics, coordinate conversions, and many more operations.

Multiple different decommutators can run in parallel in the Data Flow framework to process different data streams arriving from different sources.

NetAcquire systems can store any number of named telemetry formats and data processing configurations, making each one readily available to configure for different missions. Formats are easily specified interactively or can be imported as CSV text files or as TMATS XML (optional module).

NetAcquire systems also off a unique commutator capability that complements a decommutor. A commutator can assemble individual decommutated parameters into a completely new output format for transmission to a remote destination (often over a network). This is valuable for “strip-and-ship” applications that need to extract selected telemetry parameters and send this data subset (in a new format) to a data destination.

Decommutation Data Display and Analysis

After NetAcquire data decommutation and processing, there are many options for real-time data presentation.

Any Web browser can conveniently display telemetry measurements and open quick-look graphs.

NetAcquire MissionView provides powerful and highly configurable data display screens as well as decommutated data recording.

Easy-to-use software interfaces are available to send decommutated data from a NetAcquire system directly to IADS, LabVIEW, or Satellite Toolkit for further processing and display.

For programmers, NetAcquire offers a range of programming toolkits to create custom applications, which can read decommutated data from a NetAcquire system for post-processing and display. The NetAcquire Windows Toolkit supports many programming languages running on Microsoft Windows, including C++, Python, VisualBasic, and C#. Using the NetAcquire Java Toolkit, one can create Java applications that can run on almost any operating system. The NetAcquire Linux Toolkit provides C++ and Python language support for GNU/Linux applications.

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