NetAcquire FPGATM

The NetAcquire FPGA offers a field-programmable gate array interface for digital applications that require the ultimate in input/output flexibility. During operation, NetAcquire onboard software downloads a digital hardware design of up to 250,000 gates to an Altera field-programmable gate array.

Our library of downloadable hardware designs can implement interfaces such as:

  • Programmable pulse and pattern generators
  • Specialized serial input/output interfaces
  • Frequency counters and event detectors
  • Application-specific protocol processing (i.e., SGLS)

Changing to a different hardware design is as easy as transferring a new gate configuration file to the NetAcquire system over the network. No electrical or I/O card changes are necessary.

Each programmable gate array supports 48 TTL signals or 24 RS-485 differential signal pairs. In addition, 64Kx16 of local static RAM is available to emulate FIFOs, store parameters, or buffer data. An onboard clock synthesizer provides high-accuracy programmable PLL-based clocks for use in logic designs.

If desired, NetAcquire can create a customized digital I/O design and place this onto your NetAcquire system before shipping. See custom services.

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