Video Acquisition and Distribution

The NetAcquire audio/video option offers a real-time solution for video capture, digital compression, and distribution over Ethernet and telemetry networks. Both audio and video signals may be recorded and viewed over LAN, WAN, or wireless networks.


  • Ruggedized hardware supports military and flight applications
  • Simultaneously share and display up to six video streams across multiple destination computers
  • Includes two channels of synchronized audio embedded in each video stream
  • Control video quality and bandwidth with configurable MPEG compression settings
  • Support a wide variety of network distribution protocols including UDP and TCP
  • Analyze video data off-line from archived video recordings
  • Easily configure NetAcquire system operation from any local or remote Web browser to change setups quickly
  • Audio/video viewer applications available for a variety of operating systems

Video Capture/Compression Features

  • Support software-selectable composite or S video inputs
  • Video compression hardware to optimize bandwidth
  • High accuracy IRIG time-tagging with millisecond resolution
  • Configurable close-captioned overlay display of video acquisition time
  • Selectable data quality parameters (including constant and variable bit rate compression)
  • Remote setup and monitor via the network
  • Format data in accordance with MPEG II standards

Data Routing and Networking Features

  • Very low latency data handling
  • Publish to network with standard TCP or UDP sockets
  • Configurable multicast “one-to-many” data distribution support
  • Selectable real-time data reformatting and network protocol conversion with the NetAcquire Data Flow Engine
  • Video data display applications operate from any connected PC

Data Recording/Archiving Features

  • Selective recording of all or a some of the video streams
  • Time stamping of individual messages
  • Easy export of data to various PC applications
  • FTP transfer of captured files automatically or on demand
  • Recording format options include IRIG 106-2001 Telemetry Standards Chapter 10 Recording Standard

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