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Any product can perform as expected in a testing facility, but the real test is performance under non-ideal, unpredictable, real-world conditions. “Telemetry-over- IP” (TMoIP) has many advantages and NetAcquire “Intelligent TMoIP” offers even greater capabilities over a fixed-mode serial-to- Ethernet device communication system. Our products have been consistently tested and proven under the harshest conditions, all while delivering reliable and synchronized data with very low delay between sites, efficient hardware wiring and intuitive system setup, and data displays that are easy to read and customize.

NetAcquire products excel at tunneling PCM serial and other signals over an IP network.

The Advantages of NetAcquire “Intelligent TMoIP”:

  • Graphical Operator Interface
  • Advanced Diagnostics Showing End-to-End Circuit Status
  • Network Auto-Tune that Optimizes Performance to Your Network Characteristics
  • Very Accurate Time/Data Correlation
  • Built-in Future Proofing with Selectable Network Formats
  • And much more

NetAcquire TMoIP:

  • Avoids PCM signal degradation that occurs when running electrical signals over a long distance
  • Supports unrestricted distances between sites (subject to network connectivity)
  • Reduces multiple physical wires needed to transport multiple PCM signals
  • Employs easy-to-change PCM data routing
  • Allows delivery of same PCM data to multiple destinations
  • Provides greater operator visibility into PCM signal status and PCM data content
  • Combines other traffic (video, voice, etc.) with PCM data on single network wire for further wiring consolidation

NetAcquire TMoIP products have been shipping for since 2002 and are now in their seventh product generation—if you need a proven product with rock-solid reliability and numerous capabilities not found in other TMoIP devices, NetAcquire is for you.

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