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NetAcquire server software version 8.3

Announcing the release of NetAcquire server software version 8.3, now offering even more security hardening and network encryption choices to support sensitive deployments in mission-critical environments.

New features include:

  • Anti-virus scanning (ordering option)
  • Centralized username/password authentication using Kerberos/Active Directory
  • Encrypted CORBA network communication
  • Cryptographically-signed software updates
  • Ongoing monitoring for security issues and distribution of installable security patches (product support subscription option).
  • Find out more by contacting us at [email protected].
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NetAcquire Releases Version 8.2 Server Software

NetAcquire Releases Version 8.2 Server Software, including:

  • Simplified TMoIP user interface with advanced capabilities
  • High stability serial output bit rate mode
  • Enhanced Mil-Std-1553 message decommutation
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Analog Data format
  • Increased software frame sync speed
  • CCSDS Reed Solomon (255,239)
  • Enhanced user-configured I/O channel naming
  • Up to 512 Data Flow instances
  • Linux Web browser optimization
  • VXI-11 support
  • Variable length serial message recording

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Press Release – NetAcquire Server Software 8 Release

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NetAcquire Corp Announces Software 8 Release!

HIgher Processing Throughput with Seamless Multi-core Processor Support

Kirkland, WA, May 15, 2015 — NetAcquire® Corporation announced today the release of generation 8 software.

After 5 years of product development, NetAcquire Corporation is pleased to announce that version 8 software is now shipping!

New NetAcquire version 8 product capabilities offer higher processing throughput with seamless multi-core processor support. Version 8 includes enhanced Web interface and navigation, as well as more network protocols including SFTP, DHCP, IPv6, and enhanced SNMPv3. New TCP/UDP communication device software allows for seamless networking, data sharing, and routing to/from any system function. Security hardening features include network firewall with port blocking and logging, memory protection, and access control permissions on files and directories. Also part of the n

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NetAcquire Releases Seventh-Generation TMoIP Product

NetAcquire News

NetAcquire Server Software Version 7.6

NetAcquire server software version 7.6 released with enhanced Java support and new Data Flow Engine.

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NetAcquire Announces DDS Protocol Support

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NetAcquire Corp Announces No-Programming DDS Protocol Support

Create Sophisticated Network Interconnects with Several Mouse Clicks

Kirkland, WA, June 27, 2013 — NetAcquire® Corporation announced today Data Delivery Service (DDS) network protocol support.

The DDS technology provides an advanced network communications mechanism for connecting information providers with information consumers. This can be leveraged in many different NetAcquire applications including satellite telemetry and radar data distribution.
“Data Distribution Service”, or DDS, and is a vendor-neutral publish/subscribe standard from the Object Management Group (OMG). The OMG is the standards group that is also responsible for other key

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NetAcquire’s new DEWESoft

NetAcquire’s new DEWESoft real-time data display option makes it easy to create customized graphical displays without programming.

NetAcquire Corporation now supports another real-time data display option using DEWESoft software running on a Windows PC. The combination of a NetAcquire server plus DEWESoft software offers the ability to easily create customized graphical displays without programming. Each graphic data element can be connected to NetAcquire publication values with a simple drag-and-drop step. The types of displays supported include 2D and 3D graphs, analog dials, digital displays, bar graphs, indicator lamps, and more. As part of an interactive processing capability, DEWESoft also supports statistics, classification, and frequency domain analysis.

All of these added capabilities are combined with the full power of the NetAcquire PCM high-speed serial data I/O system that includes advanced frame synchronization, as well as the NetAcquire Data Flow option which suppl

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NetAcquire server software version 7.4

NetAcquire server software version 7.4 released today – major enhancements to Data Flow Designer and telemetry maps! Features includes graphical warnings and debug, point-and-click measurand selection, copy-and-paste, improved help, and new telemetry map options including common word support.

Contact [email protected] for more information!

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NetAcquire welcomes Doug Shorb

NetAcquire welcomes Doug Shorb, our new sales representative.
Doug has a strong background in finding the best technical solution to complex applications ranging from sonar systems to custom integrated circuits. Doug is looking forward to working with NetAcquire customers on telemetry and real-time data processing systems.

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NetAcquire server software version 7.3.17

NetAcquire server software version 7.3.17 released today – enhanced real-time network analysis, protocol processing, and more.

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