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NetAcquire Corporation Announces New Real-Time Media Transcoder Option

Now with the Media Transcoder Option you can configure a NetAcquire server for real-time streaming video processing, archiving, and distribution.

The NetAcquire Media Transcoder Option allows a NetAcquire server to process incoming still images and motion video. This option supports transcoding (decoding and re-encoding) images and video to different formats.

Media transcoding leverages the data processing capabilities of the Data Flow Engine and is seamlessly integrated with other Data Flow Engine components, including the decommutator and CCSDS demultiplexer. In fact, transcoding can be added to any data flow instance using the Media Transcoder component.

Video output can then be viewed simultaneously by multiple video clients using MissionView™ application software, a web browser or standalone video clients. It can also be recorded at the same time using the NetAcquire Data Recording option.


  • Transcodes video into alternate formats
  • Leverages the Data Flow Engine for stream processing
  • Streams video to remote hosts and clients using various protocols
  • Archives video to disk in various media file formats
  • Compatible with Data Recording option

For more information about adding the Media Transcoder Option to your NetAcquire server, please contact sales.

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