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NetAcquire Corp Announces Digital Multimeter Option

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Networked Reconfigurable Hardware

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NetAcquire Corp Announces Networked Reconfigurable Hardware

Digital Hardware Can Be Rewired Over a Network

Kirkland, WA NetAcquire Corporation announced today the NetAcquire FPGA network peripheral. The NetAcquire FPGA accepts digital or serial input/output signals in almost any format, and publishes this data to any Ethernet network. The key interface component of the system is a 100,000 gate Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). During system operation, onboard NetAcquire software downloads a digital hardware design to the FPGA to implement reconfigurable real-world interfaces. Hardware reconfiguration can occur at any time from a network-connected computer or over the Internet. No electrical or I/O card changes are necessary.

Different downloadable hardware designs implement a wide-array of digital interfaces such as programmable pulse and pattern generators, specialized serial input/output interfaces, frequency counters and event

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