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NetAcquire AIOTM

The NetAcquire AIO a next-generation remote data acquisition system that offers all the capabilities of the NetAcquire architecture. Not only can you monitor and control equipment that is hundreds of feet away, but NetAcquire AIO offers powerful real-time processing inside each box.

The real-time operating system used by NetAcquire AIO has been specifically designed for real-time data acquisition and control. The NetAcquire AIO 3000 offers over sixty high level commands for real-time processing, including:

  • triggering and alarms
  • sensor linearization
  • digital filtering and FFTs
  • PID control
  • statistical functions.

Being fully programmable, the NetAcquire AIO server gives you much more than a simple Networked Voltmeter – and can in fact emulate a wide range of virtual instruments. It is ideal for Automated Test where it can act as both function generator and analyzer – simultaneously generating and sampling both digital and analog, to test logic and perform high-speed time and frequency domain measurements. NetAcquire AIO also supports advanced real-time processing extensions by allowing local execution of user-supplied custom code.

NetAcquire AIO 3000 Specifications

Analog Input/Output

  • Channels: 16 analog in, 2 analog out, 16 digital in, 16 digital out
  • Expansion: to 512 analog inputs, 256 analog outputs, and 128 digital inputs/outputs (plus optional signal conditioning)
  • Speed: 750,000 conversions/second
  • Analog Resolution: 12-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, with 16-bit resolution optional
  • Analog Wiring: 68-pin shielded ‘D’connector
  • Digital Wiring: 100-pin shielded ‘D’ connector


  • Network: Ethernet TCP/IP with Gigabit, fiber optic, wireless and reflective memory optional
  • Connector: twisted pair (10/100BASE-T)
  • Max. local-area network distance: 660-3000 ft (200-925 m), depending on cable
  • Max. wide-area network distance: unlimited
  • Internet Access: available through an external router, dial-up modem optional


  • Main Processor: 950 MHz Pentium III or 2.4 GHz Pentium 4
  • Coprocessors: AMD K-6 or TMS320 DSP for some I/O subsystems
  • Program Memory: 64 Mbytes
  • Nonvolatile Memory: 64 Mbytes

Data Storage Option

  • Capacity: 60 Gbytes, with expansion
  • Speed: >10 Mbytes/second, continuous
  • Redundancy: optional mirroring RAID
  • Overflow: automatic detection and wraparound

Time Synchronization

  • External reference: NTP, with GPS or IRIG-B time source optional
  • NTP Accuracy: +/- 5 mS on LAN, +/- 30 mS on WAN
  • GPS Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mS
  • IRIG-B Accuracy: +/- 1 uS

Server Software

  • Operating system: hard real-time operating system with Win32 compatibility
  • Onboard commands: over 100 onboard commands, depending on I/O options
  • Custom commands: available with the NetAcquire Extension Toolkit
  • Software upgrades: local and remote upgrades supported

Client Software


  • Frame: heavy-duty steel
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
  • Ventilation: 49 CFM fan with air filter
  • Power Requirements: 90-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC, automatic range switching, 250 watts
  • Minibox: 6.5″ (w) x 15.5″ (d) x 7.0″ (h) (165 mm x 394 mm x 178 mm)
  • Rackmount: 19.0″ (w) x 18.0″ (d) x 3.5″ (h) (418 mm x 396 mm x 77 mm)
  • Ruggedized avionics enclosures available

Expansion and Options

A wide range of termination boards, analog and digital expansion boards, signal conditioning and isolation boards and special function boards such as counter-timers and quadrature encoders are available for your NetAcquire system. These may be supplied free-standing for mounting in your equipment or supplied in a shielded box, tabletop or rack-mount enclosure. Because of the large range of possible configurations and combinations, please contact us and we would be happy to generate a quote to your exact requirements.


  • Complete ‘network-ready’ intelligent data acquisition system
  • Analog input and output to 769,000 samples/second
  • Reduced cabling costs and improved signal integrity
  • Configurable real-time data reduction and control
  • High-speed network communications with advanced network error checking and recovery
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous network clients
  • Integrated Web and FTP servers support convenient configuration and reporting
  • Toolkit available for customized local data processing
  • All configuration settings, factory software, and custom software saved in nonvolatile memory
  • Optional GPS time tagging
  • Compact 6x15x7 inch enclosure; optional rack-mount
  • Compatible with PCs and UNIX workstations, including MS-Windows 3.1 and 95, MS-Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, Irix, MS-DOS


  • Distributed data acquisition
  • Factory automation
  • Machine control
  • Cross-platform test and measurement
  • Internet wide-area monitoring

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