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NetAcquire Corp Announces Web Server

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RTI Announces Embedded Web Server for Test and Measurement

NetAcquire Web Server Configures and Monitors Real World Signals

Bellevue, WA — Real Time Integration, Inc. announced today the addition of an embedded Web Server inside the NetAcquire distributed data acquisition system. NetAcquire is an intelligent data acquisition system that makes analog and digital data available over an Ethernet network.

The NetAcquire embedded Web Server option allows convenient configuration and monitoring functions of hardware test and measurement applications from anywhere on a network using a standard Web browser. If the network is Internet-connected, configuration and monitoring are available world-wide. Communication uses standard HTTP and HTML for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of intranet and Internet tools.

Real-time monitoring of all NetAcquire analog and digital input signals is available using an Internet browser by selecting the “Status” page of the NetAcquire embedded Web server. The browser will display live status information, with regular real-time updates of each channel’s information. Channel data includes the voltage at each analog input and the logical level of each digital input. Live information on this page is continually updated using an embedded Java applet that communicates with the NetAcquire server.

Distributed test and measurement applications are challenging to administer due to distances between nodes and differing computer architectures. The NetAcquire Web server option addresses both these issues. A local Web client can easily administer all NetAcquire nodes on an intranet or the Internet. Moreover, Netscape-based administrative clients can operate on sixteen different operating system and computer combinations. Configuration uses simple “fill-in-the-blank” HTML forms and offers many options including TCP/IP network settings, number and type of data channels, sample rates, refresh interval, and custom channel processing. Custom channel processing offers advanced server-side data processing, including peak detection, trigger scanning, sensor linearization, and statistics.

NetAcquire embedded Web Server appears on a network as both a Web and an FTP server. The FTP server allows the remote upload of both server software upgrades and Java class files. Java class file storage on the NetAcquire allows easy deployment of distributed Java applets across the enterprise. Access control is also available using configurable password protection.

Real Time Integration, located in Bellevue, WA, provides real-time distributed hardware and software, data acquisition, and communications solutions to companies worldwide. Application areas include industrial process control, laboratory monitoring, distributed test and measurement, and real-time simulation.

The NetAcquire Web Server option is compatible with most Web browsers, including Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0. It is included free of charge with new NetAcquire hardware.

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