Linux Client Toolkit

Data Display and Server Management from Linux

The NetAcquire Linux Toolkit offers convenient integration of NetAcquire systems with the Linux programming environment.

The NetAcquire client/server model allows time-critical code to run on the NetAcquire server while user interface code runs on the Linux machine. This combines real-time, robust operation with the ease-of-use of Linux applications.

With no client run-time license charges, NetAcquire Linux Toolkit applications inexpensively run on any number of Linux machines on a network.

Linux Programming Language Support

The NetAcquire Linux Toolkit makes developing Linux applications easy by handling all the details of networking and I/O interfacing. The toolkit supports a rich set of functionality through an easy-to-use application programming interface (API). Complete distributed NetAcquire applications can be created with just a few lines of source code.

GNU C++ and Python programming languages are both supported.

Two data-interface APIs are available for maximum flexibility: a streaming data interface and a measurement-based publish/subscribe interface (see example code in C++ and Python). The management API supports full control over remote server configuration and operation. The NetAcquire Linux Toolkit includes complete programming examples for these and other applications.

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