August 20, 2018

NetAcquire Announces Mission Critical TMOIP Over Impossible Networks

NetAcquire® Corporation announced today that it has extended the capabilities of their lineup of market leading real-time mission-critical TMoIP systems. This is now possible with the addition of advanced support for communication over “impossible”... Read more

universal panel
August 20, 2018

NetAcquire® Corporation Announces a New Collection of Universal I/O Interface Options

NetAcquire® Corporation announced today a new collection of universal I/O interface options for serial signal connections. These new I/O interfaces offer configurable signal levels and connectors,... Read more

Super Computer
August 7, 2018

NetAcquire® Corporation Announces Super-Computer Telemetry Processing

The future of high-performance network telemetry processing is here  NetAcquire Corporation announced today that it has extended their lineup of market leading real-time telemetry data processing systems to include a virtualized Super-Computer telemetry data processing system capable of processing in excess of 1 billion decommutated parameters per second in an extremely low-latency deterministic real-time software environment.... Read more

May 15, 2018

NetAcquire announces new release of MissionView!

The latest version of MissionView has a large number of new features including: Replay of recording data with interactive recording data navigation Powerful alarm subsystem that displays and records when user-configurable alarm conditions are met Additional real-time charts and graphs including scrolling horizontal and vertical bar charts Performance optimizations for large numbers of parameters and high data rates Open any web page URL as a display window within MissionView Global preference controls More info... Read more

March 30, 2018

NetAcquire Recording Data Export Tool

Announcing the new NetAcquire Recording Data Export Tool, a powerful Windows program that extracts telemetry data from NetAcquire IRIG 106 Chapter 10 recordings.... Read more

News Information from NetAcquire
January 16, 2018

NetAcquire Server Software Version 8.4

Announcing the release of NetAcquire server software version 8.4 that continues to expand NetAcquire real-time processing capabilities. New features include: End-to-end embedded timestamp processing to deliver microsecond-accurate timestamps to data displays IRIG 106 Chapter 7 demultiplexing and decommutation Even more Telemetry-over-IP (TMoIP) capabilities including: IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP time packet support with accurate timestamp communication Selectable filtering in TMoIP Status table for showing relevant connections Convenient enable/disable of BERT with a one-click user checkbox Performance enhancements to support large numbers of simultaneous high-speed TMoIP channels and extremely accurate time/data correlation Additional decommutator capabilities including support for ARINC-429 and BCD... Read more

July 10, 2017

NetAcquire announces our newest, high-performance Quick Connect Panel (QCP) for serial interfaces!

The new QCP-D2TTL panel offers: Rock-solid, error-free TTL communication at bit rates and over cable lengths that were previously unachievable. Supports over 40 Mbps on all channels simultaneously due to advanced signal integrity modeling and design of sophisticated transmitter/receiver circuitry with Tx pulse shaping and Rx tuned hysteresis.... Read more

MissionView Data Display
May 17, 2017

NetAcquire announces a new release of MissionView!

The latest version of MissionView has many new features, including: integrated data recording scrolling data table displays favorites capability integrated web pages and help configurable visual dynamics such as color when out-of-range enhanced operation with password-protected servers Read more... Read more

MissionView Data Display - Aircraft Performance
November 7, 2016

New product announcement: NetAcquire MissionViewTM

NetAcquire MissionView™ provides easy point-and-click configuration, real-time data display, and control for any NetAcquire system. MissionView Designer lets you quickly create highly-configurable and sophisticated graphic displays that leverage a large predefined library of different real-time charts,... Read more

NetAcquire Virtual Server Web Interface
November 4, 2016

New product announcement: NetAcquire Virtual Server (NVS)

NetAcquire Virtual Server (NVS) allows you to run the NetAcquire system software on your own PC! NetAcquire® Virtual Server gives operators the ability to prototype,... Read more

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