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NetAcquire Corp Announces Networked Reconfigurable Hardware

Digital Hardware Can Be Rewired Over a Network

Kirkland, WA NetAcquire Corporation announced today the NetAcquire FPGA network peripheral. The NetAcquire FPGA accepts digital or serial input/output signals in almost any format, and publishes this data to any Ethernet network. The key interface component of the system is a 100,000 gate Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). During system operation, onboard NetAcquire software downloads a digital hardware design to the FPGA to implement reconfigurable real-world interfaces. Hardware reconfiguration can occur at any time from a network-connected computer or over the Internet. No electrical or I/O card changes are necessary.

Different downloadable hardware designs implement a wide-array of digital interfaces such as programmable pulse and pattern generators, specialized serial input/output interfaces, frequency counters and event detectors, and application-specific protocol processing. NetAcquire FPGA supports 48 TTL signals or 24 RS-485 differential signal pairs for input/output interfacing. In addition, 64Kx16 of local static RAM is available to emulate FIFOs, store parameters, or buffer data. An onboard clock synthesizer provides high-accuracy programmable phase-locked-loop (PLL) clocks for use in logic designs.

Once a hardware design is configured, the NetAcquire FPGA acts as a data communications gateway, and transfers FPGA data to network-connected client computers. With an onboard 500 MHz Pentium processor and a real-time operating system, the NetAcquire FPGA handles all data buffering and network communication details. Network client computers can even use a standard Web browser to query the NetAcquire FPGA and display input/output data.

NetAcquire FPGA has particular application in the areas of satellite communication, wide-area networks, high-speed data collection, and digital imaging. These applications all generate high-speed streams of data in specialized formats. NetAcquire FPGA, with its reconfigurable hardware interface and real-time data processing, easily supports these data streams without the requirement for custom hardware.

NetAcquire FPGA is the latest member of the NetAcquire family of intelligent network data acquisition and control products. NetAcquire is the ideal component for building enterprise-wide distributed communication and measurement systems, as well as Internet-compatible nodes that support remote data acquisition and control from anywhere in the world.

NetAcquire Corporation, located in Kirkland, WA, provides real-time distributed hardware and software, data acquisition, and communications solutions to companies worldwide

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