Release Notes

MissionView 1.8.2

July 2023


  • Security: Update to Chromium 114.0.5735.199
  • Tech support bundles
    • Includes items needed by NetAcquire tech support
    • Configurable contents
      • MissionView application log (if using file logging)
      • Server logs
      • Server snapshots
    • Provides unpacked and packed versions (packed ready to send)
    • Simplifies data gathering for tech support requests
  • Server menu access
    • Hamburger menu at top-right of windows now offers the menu of the server associated with the open window
  • Security: SSL/TLS Syslog

Issues Fixed

  • Blank server menus can appear (8013)
  • Real-time charts stop updating after assigning wrong data type (8101)
  • Publication displays poorly format NaN (8109)
  • Data conversion errors poorly decimate logging (8110)
  • Clear of log file now immediately update (8118)
  • Special application output for errors did not create file (8127)
  • Context for unknown windows now retained (8128)
  • Last-size information not inherited (8131)
  • Non-useful error messages may appear when server reboots from external source (8135)
  • Memory use improved (8136)
  • Flyover appears resizing windows (8140)
  • Folder permission issue on Linux hidden, browsing fails (8141)
  • Applet inherited size slowly grows (8155)

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