Case Studies

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

Customer: A Federally Funded Research and Development Center
Project: Space Mission Telemetry Platform
Highlights: Client Chemistry, Rapidly Expandable Platform


A customer contacted NetAcquire to help them with develop a standard ground-based space mission telemetry platform for NASA. The project’s goal was to create an extensible telemetry platform that could support multiple hardware interfaces and communicate with multiple spacecraft using CCSDS standard protocols.

Right from the beginning, the chemistry between the customer’s engineering team and NetAcquire was a great match. Every time the customer asked for a feature or stated a performance requirement, NetAcquire stepped up and delivered. When the specification was complete, everything the customer needed was built using off-the-shelf NetAcquire products.

The Initial Assignment

The first system the customer ordered was a NetAcquire H10-SIO Telemetry Data Processor. The system included a 4-Channel, 10Mbps serial I/O processor with Data Recorder, an IRIG-B timing interface, and several full-featured software packages including Decommutator, Commutator, and the CCSDS Data Demultiplexer.

This solution gave our customer the ability to develop their own custom user interface software using the suite of NetAcquire software development toolkits. Since most of the host computers at the customer’s lab run Linux, they selected the NetAcquire Linux Client Toolkit.


The 3-day NetAcquire Training Program provided an opportunity for the client to quickly master their new system and apply the technology to other projects. Several times a year, NetAcquire opens its corporate headquarters to host a System User Training class and a Software Developers Training class. The engineers and technicians who actually develop and support NetAcquire products teach these classes.


As testing of the initial development system began, the customer discovered there were additional NetAcquire CCSDS functions they could use to create a standard configuration that would be applicable to a broader number of space programs. Working with NetAcquire, the customer defined the new CCSDS hardware and software features. Within a few months, the previously delivered NetAcquire system had been updated to include the new command enable hardware and additional CCSDS forward error correction capabilities.

During additional testing, a new space program started that needed a ground-based telemetry solution. This program had new technical requirements and a short schedule. Building on the groundwork of the original development platform, NetAcquire built a COTS-based system that met the customer’s requirements and delivered it two weeks ahead of schedule to help our customer meet their customer commitment.

One of the key designers on this program commented: “As I’ve told everyone here, NetAcquire is the best vendor I have ever worked with in the past 30 years. You are responsive, considerate to your customers’ needs and very professional. You folks really care about doing it right and I personally appreciate that.”

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