Digital Multiplexer

NetAcquire Digital Multimeter

The NetAcquire Digital Multimeter interface provides a high-accuracy 6 digit, solution for measuring a wide range of input data signals. The measurement results are available for further NetAcquire processing or for distribution over a network.

With the addition of the high-precision relay multiplexer option, up to 40 input channels can be acquired by a single Digital Multimeter device. With additional expansion of up to 10 Digital Multimeters, up to 400 input channels can be acquired in a single NetAcquire chassis.

Input options are software selectable from many different signal types:

  • DC Voltage (300 mV to 250 V)
  • AC Voltage (300 mV to 250 V)
  • DC Current (3.3 mA to 2.5 A)
  • AC Current (3.3 mA to 2.5 A)
  • Resistance (33 Ohms to 330 MOhms)
  • Capacitance (10 nF to 10 mF)
  • Inductance (33 uH to 3.3 H)

Real-time sampling rates are available at up to 100 samples/second.

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